A world of amazing animations

Capture your best moments with LINE Camera's new video recording features and animated stickers.

Edit your photos in wonderful ways, for free

Enjoy more than 1,000 different stamp sets featuring cute doodles, fancy drawings, and witty character designs.
All sorts of frames and fonts are also available for free!
Take advantage of new free content added every day.

Customize your camera with your favorite color

Make your LINE Camera app unique with a multitude of color choices!

Count on special offers every day from the Stamp Shop

Check out what's recommended by LINE Camera each week at the Stamp Shop.
They'll make your photos even more special!

Cute, sleek filters

Add highly customizable filters to your photos to make every shot picture-perfect.

Make your own original stamps

Stand out from the crowd!
Use your own drawings, quotes, or pictures to create unique custom stamps!

Use Beauty Mode to bring out the real you

Smoothen skin, enlarge eyes, and reshape facelines at the touch of a button. Make your photos even more adorable by simply adding a special touch!

Make collages from your favorite photos

Arrange multiple photos together just the way you want using the Collage feature!
You can also customize the borders and background colors of your collages.

Full-screen shooting and editing

Personalize your Home screen with wallpapers created using the full-screen shooting and editing features!

A full collection of photographic tools

Take advantage of a wide array of photographic utilities from self-timer and touch-shot, to gridline and level displays.

  • Self-timer

    This self-timer is perfect for taking selfies or
    group photos.

  • Touch-shot

    The entire screen becomes the shutter button
    with this easy-to-use feature.

  • Gridline and Level Displays

    These features offer everything you need for
    taking perfectly level and well-balanced photos.

Easy photo

Share your photos on a wide variety of
social media, including
Facebook, Twitter, and LINE.

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